Individual therapy is a place of shelter and support, an opportunity to pause and unpack what’s not working or could be working better. With more space and support life does flow easier.
The commitment to attend to your relationship in a couples therapy creates new vitality and a greater sense of what's possible. With guidance and practice you can become better partners, lovers, and friends.
For many years I've served as a counsellor and mentor to adolescents, young adults, as well families. I can provide insights and approaches for navigating the challenges you face.
Professional consultation is a valuable tool for any clinician; an opportunity to “cook on more burners” and gain valuable insights into client material and one’s own countertransference. I’ve been supervising interns and established therapists since 2011.

“Jamie is an inspiring therapist and group leader.  He has extensive experience in men's issues and is an amazing resource in helping people from all backgrounds get in touch with their real selves.  His compassionate approach makes him easy to work with but he also challenges clients to take action and not sit on the sidelines waiting for change. I highly recommend Jamie as a therapist to anyone choosing to do the work of self-discovery.”

Nick, Martial Arts Instructor


"Our teenage son was struggling with some very challenging emotional issues, and we were referred to Jamie by my individual counsellor. His presence in our son's life has been truly transformative. We thought that our son would only go once or twice to satisfy us, but he clearly enjoyed the time and support he got with Jamie. The session included us coming in periodically to get a better understanding of our son's perspective and needs, as well as some very powerful sessions together as a family. Thank You Jamie!"

Tanya, Mother


“Jamie is a very caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and nonjudgmental therapist. He helped me through a tough period in my life, and was highly committed to my personal growth and development. His understanding of human psychology is superb. He had many resources available as well so that the therapy went beyond the weekly meetings. We journeyed through many aspects of my life, and Jamie offered sound advice, unique perspectives, and cognitive techniques to discover more of who I am. I can honestly and unwaveringly recommend Jamie to anyone seeking to make a change in their life and truly discover who they are.”

Don, Medical Doctor


“You can tell that Jamie loves his work. My husband and I felt very safe discussing our relationship with him. He was quick to read our situation and not afraid to point some truths that weren’t easy to hear, but helped us take an honest look at our relationship.  Occasionally, I disagreed with him in the moment, he didn't try to convince me, but rather took time to understand where I was coming from. I am a better, happier person as a result of the hard work we did with Jamie's guidance.”

Jessica, Photographer


“I've worked with Jamie as a client for both private and men's group therapy, and can definitely say I've greatly benefitted from his insight and expertise with human emotion and relationship. His kind and gentle words, vehicles for his precise sense of empathy and intuition, make him not just a great therapist, but also a great teacher and friend. I can say that I've been truly blessed and honored to have been his client, as the guidance and support he gives is priceless.”

Feras, Artist


“Jamie is a kind, honest and professional psychotherapist.  He has a very calming presence and I'd recommend him for anyone looking to get in better touch with their emotions.  He was extremely accommodating working with my shifting schedule and provided a safe place to explore and grow.  I'm glad I crossed paths with him!”

Tom, Social Worker


“Jamie is a thoughtful and powerful facilitator of personal change and transformation. Having experienced his work in a psychotherapy mens group, I can attest to his ability to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics with skill and insight, as well as encouraging authentic expression of emotions and feelings. He makes the space safe, by holding clear and important boundaries, but he also utilizes the space to facilitate powerful group as well as personal transformation by diving deep into the inner realms of the psyche.”

Jesse, Therapist


“Jamie has a wonderful presence about him that is calming, peaceful, accepting, and shows genuine care. I highly recommend him to all age groups and a diverse range of cultures.  His life experience adds tremendously to the impact he has on his clients.”

Teresa, Beautician

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