Coming Home Men's Group

Coming Home: Therapeutic Men's Circles

Monday Nights, 7pm - 9pm.

The Invitation:

Being male is something you’re born as; however becoming a strong, emotionally intelligent and open man is not a given. Being this type of man takes practice, a practice that gets worked out in the intimate and everyday relationships that make up our lives. Despite cultural training to be independent and self-sufficient, the simple fact is that men, like women, are sensitive, relationally dependent beings. In order to thrive, supportive social and intimate relationships are not optional, they are necessary.

Relationships with other men carry a unique potential. Whether through competition or cooperation, men have always needed other men to help develop and refine their abilities. When functional, friendships and alliances with other men give us a sense of grounding, of comradery, of play, and of insight. Men’s work is very much about creating a stable platform to develop these possibilities.

In this group you will:

  • Strengthen emotional intelligence and relational competence
  • Let go of limiting beliefs about yourself and others
  • Develop your sense of purpose and accountability
  • Get grounded in the experience of being a man among men

Jamie McEntee, MA, RCC has been working with adult and adolescent males in therapy since 2004. He's led therapeutic men's groups for more than a decade, helping men to develop emotional intelligence and gain insight into common areas of challenge: relationship and trust issues, balancing honesty and relational sensitivity, managing sexual needs and expression, developing a sense of purpose and belonging.  Jamie has trained and staffed in the ManKind Project, and provides leadership coaching and training to high-impact men in the business community. He is a relationally-oriented somatic therapist, rooted in the Jungian school of Archetypal Psychology. He is a husband and father, passionate about supporting the relational health of men.

Where: Currently online, until at least Fall of 2024
Cost: $75/meeting, after GST.

This is not a drop-in group. Email for an introductory meeting.


“I've worked with Jamie as a client for both private and men's group therapy, and can definitely say I've greatly benefitted from his insight and expertise with human emotion and relationship. His kind and gentle words, vehicles for his precise sense of empathy and intuition, make him not just a great therapist, but also a great teacher and friend. I can say that I've been truly blessed and honored to have been his client, as the guidance and support he gives is priceless.”

Feras, Artist


“Jamie is an inspiring therapist and group leader.  He has extensive experience in men's issues and is an amazing resource in helping people from all backgrounds get in touch with their real selves.  His compassionate approach makes him easy to work with but he also challenges clients to take action and not sit on the sidelines waiting for change. I highly recommend Jamie as a therapist to anyone choosing to do the work of self-discovery.”

Nick, Martial Arts Instructor


“Jamie is a thoughtful and powerful facilitator of personal change and transformation. Having experienced his work in a psychotherapy mens group, I can attest to his ability to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics with skill and insight, as well as encouraging authentic expression of emotions and feelings. He makes the space safe, by holding clear and important boundaries, but he also utilizes the space to facilitate powerful group as well as personal transformation by diving deep into the inner realms of the psyche.”

Jesse, Therapist


“I've been working with Jamie for 3 years and the group work has been especially powerful for me. I found that having a safe place to explore and learn about myself made all my relationships more fulfilling. In the group he helped us connect and feel like brothers. I'm stronger for the experience.”

Tim, Engineer

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