My Approach: 10 Things to Know

10 Things to Know

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    I am a relationally-oriented depth psychotherapist aligned with the Jungian Archetypal School, with influences from Somatic Therapy, Ecopsychology, and psycho-spiritual practices. (It's a mouthful, I know...) Some of the overarching goals implicit in this approach are moving beyond the limits of personality to the roots of psychological awareness, and experiencing an embodied sense of connection and intimacy with oneself and others. 

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    As your therapist my primary job is as an ally, here to listen and explore fruitful questions in order to help you work through what is stuck or unseen; to assist your growth and expansion; and to help you create new possibilities for your life and relationships. I am available for authentic connection – warm, caring, and professional.

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    I have developed a number of psychological tools to guide your process through painful and confusing material. These include: guided imagery/active imagination; working with parts of self (or subpersonalities); somatic focusing; breath and mindfulness techniques; EMDR; dreamwork; and exercises / activities to be done outside of the treatment hour, at home or in nature.

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    I will go with you wherever it is that you need to go. Through years of practice I've grown a deep understanding and trust in this process. With courage and companionship we can navigate through even the most difficult of experiences together.

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    Appreciation of beauty, joy, and humor are cultivated in this practice. Though personal suffering is often the entry point into therapy, by giving ourselves to the process we discover reservoirs of vitality and enthusiasm, along with patience, humility and grace.

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    I allow a full 60 minutes for a session, instead of the 50 minute norm, and reserve 15-30 minutes between client sessions in my schedule. I find that profound work is often done towards the end of the treatment hour and prefer to have the extra time available. This practice also serves to keep my energy fresh and ready for the work.

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    Facilitating connection between romantic partners, family members, friends and colleagues is a strength and passion of mine. Nowhere does the intensity of the human psyche get evoked more fully than in the committed relationships we form. Supporting the healing and evolution of relationships is central to my life’s work.

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    Over the past 13+ years I have founded, facilitated, and participated in men’s work and therapy groups. Groups provide a place to collectively learn from experiences. I feel great gratitude and respect for those willing to come practice their emotional-social intelligence, willing to grow their ability to be authentic in relationship.

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    When it is requested, and I feel it is advised, I offer extended treatment sessions for more intensive psychotherapeutic work. Trauma imprints occur when too much happens too fast, without the needed relational support. In the service of unwinding and resolving these trauma imprints having more time available can be of great benefit.

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    Since 2012 I’ve facilitated effective therapy with clients via phone and online sessions. For those whom, for whatever reason, can’t make it to my office but are interested in my approach to counseling, the option of distance therapy can be uniquely supportive.

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