Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

As a couples you have an precious opportunity to grow, for intimate relationships are the primary drivers of human growth.

When you love another, when you endure and celebrate loving another, you are grown by that love. You become a better lover in all areas of your life.

Couples therapy can help you move through the painful blocks and grow more deeply in love.

The common task of all couples is to develop each person’s capacity to relate to their own needs, while sustaining a willingness and interest in supporting the needs of the other.

It is wise to pause and consider the next steps you take as a couple. I find it immensely gratifying to support couples as they move through fears, hurts, and doubts as they create an authentic and secure foundation for their lives together.


“You can tell that Jamie loves his work. My husband and I felt very safe discussing our relationship with him. He was quick to read our situation and not afraid to point out truths that weren’t easy to hear, but helped us take an honest look at our relationship.  I am a better, happier person as a result of the hard work we did with Jamie's guidance.”

Jessica, Photographer

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