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Staying Connected: Tools for Emotionally Intelligent Family Life

Galiano Playgroup Society. Workshop to support parents in navigating their relationship as a couple, building the intimacy skills that guide emotionally intelligent family life. Drawing upon the work of Kim John Payne’s Simplicity Parenting, as well as other resources to consider objectives and practices in parenting.

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Men in Therapy: Perspectives on Masculine Psychology

Clinician’s Cafe, A Talk for BCACC Clinical Counsellors. Though men and women have essentially the same needs, biological and social evolution leads men to relate to and express their needs differently than women. This talk will present insights into common areas of challenge men face in therapy, and in relationships in general: trust issues, balancing…

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Stress, Mindfulness, and Relating

Young President’s Organization. Workshop presentation on “Stress, Mindfulness, and Relating”. Normalizing stress, presenting cognitive and relational tools to work with stress productively. Somatic Approaches to Mindfulness. Group process facilitation to promote open-hearted and collaborative solutions to challenging circumstances.

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Walking Into the Unknown: Tools for Navigating Ambivalence

Paradise Found Retreat Center. Workshop presentation “Walking Into the Unknown: Tools for Navigating Ambivalence” Discussion of psychology of ambivalence. Opening to paradox and uncertainty. Embodied and playful techniques to develop sensitivity towards internal cues / guidance.

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The Fatherhood Experience

Parent Workshop Series: Sponsored by LifeWays Childcare Society. Public talk:  “The Fatherhood Experience” Presentation of masculine psychology cross-culturally. Fatherhood as an initiation rite. What it means for dads to be emotionally and psychologically healthy, dad’s way of learning and contributing.

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Parenting Together: Staying Connected Through the Storm

Parent Workshop Series: Sponsored by LifeWays Childcare Society. Co-Presenting with Sophie Darch McEntee: “Parenting Together: Staying Connected Through the Storm” The journey from being a couple to being parents. Negotiating needs and defining roles, adapting to family life. Communications skills: Speaking, Listening, & Repairing.

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Trust and Betrayal: The Masculine Archetype in Psychotherapy

Marina Counseling Center. Multi-day training on: “Trust and Betrayal: The Masculine Archetype in Psychotherapy.” Drawing from the tradition of Jungian Archetypal Psychology to explore the collective backdrop to masculinity in the western world. Lessons for working with the modern man in therapy. Case presentations of the masculine archetype, in female and male clients.

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Doorways into the Psyche: Working with Subpersonalities

California Institute of Integral Studies. Guest lecturer, presenting “Doorways into the Psyche: Working with Subpersonalities” A review of Roberto Assagioli’s sub personality theory, as presented in Psychosynthesis. Use of guided imagery. Supervising practices sessions.

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Fundamentals of Effective Communication

San Francisco State University. Guest Lecturer: “Fundamentals of Effective Communication” A discussion of emotionally intelligent modes of communication. Helpful techniques from psychotherapy that are applicable in a variety of public and private relational dynamics.

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